Don't have Shopify? No Problem!

We are still WICKed excited that you are interested in a partnership with us. Candle Builders is a print-on-demand (POD), drop ship service. We allow you to create, launch, and sell candles without holding inventory or handling fulfillment. We receive your candles from your e-commerce platform and we will pick, pack, and ship your customized candles to your customers. Endless designs (labels) are at your fingertips.

We have created a step by step onboarding process to help you launch successfully with Candle Builders. Continue reading below for directions on how to go live.

STEP 1: Create your labels

We offer Print on Demand (POD) for two different candle sizes. We ask that you create your labels/designs/art as a first step.

1.A) Select a candle size. You can sell both if you'd like.

  • 13.75 oz candle that is packaged in a grey box
  • 7.5 oz candle that has a white lid

1.B) Select a scent. You can allow your customer to choose the scent on your product page or you can design each product page to the specific scent. Detailed scent descriptions can be found here.

  • Comfort spice (A potpourri of soft spices)
  • Vanilla Bean (A warm vanilla with all the feels)
  • Sea Breeze (A refreshing lavender & citrus)

1.C) Design your label. This will be what we print (on demand) and apply to your candles when purchased by your customer. This can be anything you'd like. You have endless design opportunity. You can use the templates we provided below or completely customize on your own.

  • 13.75 oz candle: Label size for this candle is 3" wide by 3.75" tall. Click here for design template.
  • 7.5 oz candle: Label size is 3" wide by 2" tall. Click here for design template.

1.D) Send your label designs to We will confirm labels are to spec and then you can continue with the onboarding process outlined below.

STEP 2: Create SKUs

SKUs and how they are created allow our team to identify what size candle and scent your customer ordered. Which is why it is super important that the SKUs you create in your store align to the process below.

We currently offer three scents Vanilla Bean (VB), Comfort Spice (CS), and Sea Breeze (SB). See below for examples SKUs. The XXXX is a placeholder for your own information for the SKU.

Candle #1 13.75oz Candle (SKU must end in -1)

  • Vanilla Bean (VB) Example SKU (XXXX-VB-1)
  • Comfort Spice (CS) Example SKU (XXXX-CS-1)
  • Sea Breeze (SB) Example SKU (XXXX-SB-1)

Candle #2 7.5oz Candle (SKU must end in -2)

  • Vanilla Bean (VB) Example SKU (XXXX-VB-2)
  • Comfort Spice (CS) Example SKU (XXXX-CS-2)
  • Sea Breeze (SB) Example SKU (XXXX-SB-2)

For more information on our candle products please visit our candle product pages.

STEP 3: Integration

Order Desk is currently our preferred method for integration for sellers who do not have Shopify. They are an order routing/order management software. We have tested many of them and we believe Order Desk is the best!

In order to connect with us you will need an Order Desk account. We have an existing integration set up for customers that sends orders from your OD account to the Candle Builders OD account. Below is more information on the basics as well as how to set up Order Desk and how to send us orders for fulfillment.


  • Order routing software
  • Orders arrive in your order desk account from your ecommerce channels and you will send then to us by simply selecting the orders and hitting the button send to Candle Builders
  • Order Desk will allow you to filter to send us ONLY our candles. For example, if a customer buys multiple products we will only see our candles in the order.
  • When orders arrive in OD we need 3 pieces of information. Candle Size, Scent (SKU will dictate candle size/scent (ie. XXXX-VB-1) and label (also known as print-url in OD)

NOTE: The Candle Builders Shopify app is launching soon. Once live, you can connect with CB through the app if you have a Shopify store. All other e-commerce partners will integrate with us via Order Desk.


STEP 4: Setting Up Order Desk

Step 4.1: Log into Order Desk and navigate to the manage integrations on the left hand side bar. Use the search function to find Candle Builders or select the print on demand category and scroll until you find our logo. Click Enable.

Reminder In order to connect with us you will need an Order Desk account.

Step 4.2: Connect to Candlebuilders by entering your Candle Builders Customer number. This is done via the app setting page. This number was provided to you by a Candle Builders team member. If you have not received a customer number yet please email

Step 4.3: Configure settings with Candle Builders. Under Folder Settings, select prepared for After Import, move to and closed after shipment, move to. IGNORE all other settings.

After Import, move to prepared means that your candle order is in progress. Please note once we receive an order, we cannot modify it.

After Shipment, move to closed means that after shipment we will send tracking information to your order desk which will pass to all your channels too. After confirmed shipment, your order will move to closed.

Step 4.4: Go to settings>store settings and under Inventory Settings check the box that says add inventory details to order items.

Step 4.5: Set up your channels ie. ( Etsy, Amazon, etc.). Click on manage integrations and you will be shown various shopping carts to choose from. Add your channel. Below you will find example settings for Etsy. Additional information on shopping cart integrations can be found via the order desk help guides.

Example Etsy Settings

Take a look at each field in the images to the left. Select your timing for pulling in new orders, enable synching of tracking numbers and make sure the inventory location filter is set to Candle Builders.

Step 4.6: Important settings and sending orders

SCENT: Reminder your scent is identified via the SKU. Go back to step 2 for more information.

LABEL: (Also knows as "Print URL"): This part is a little more complicated but we will get through it and we promise after this it is a breeze.

A print url is a URL where your image is hosted. We need that URL placed in the "Print URL" metadata field. Dropbox is the easiest way to host your candle label images and order desk has a dropbox integration already setup. Once you create your label and upload it to dropbox, a URL is generate and that Is what you will need in order fro attach image to each item in your order. You can do this manually as orders arrive or you can set it up so that so that every time an order arrives it automatically associates the candles in the order via the SKU and adds the print_url. You will do this by setting up the item in the "Inventory Items " link in order desk. Click Inventory and then "Add New Item" Your settings for adding a candle into order desk are to the right.

IMPORANT: SKU must be the same SKU that is coming from your storefront!


Code/Sku- This is the Code/SKU you use in your storefront. Order desk uses the SKU and matches it to this information the right as an order comes in from your storefront. VERY IMPORTANT: This MUST match what you have in your storefront.

Current Stock: Make this 9999

Location: Please set this to candlebuilders

Variations: Although we grab your scent information from the SKU adding it as a variation can help you visualize it better on your storefront and also does make it easier for us to identify it so this is helpful to add

Metadata fields: Please add print_url and the image link to the actual label. When the order arrives with this code/sku it will add this information.

SENDING ORDERS: This is the fun part! When all of this is setup you simply press the Candlebuilders button and the order gets sent to us for fulfillment. The order will then move to the "prepared" folder - this means we got it and it is in process! Once we ship it will move to the closed folder and your tracking information will post back to your storefronts.

(If an order does not move to "Prepared" this could likely mean the SKU or print URL is incorrect.) We will contact you, however do not hesitate to contact us at if you also notice this in your OD.

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